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Our Products

1 : Polypropylene Bags
Our primary business focus is the supply of once used/second hand Polypropylene Bags. Manufactured from woven Polypropylene with a variety of different dimensions and various filling, discharging and lifting facilities, the bags are designed to hold large quantities of product, from 50kg up to 2000kg. As woven Polypropylene bags are made from plastic, they are inherently water-resistant and can be used in place of corrugated boxes, paper bags, and fiber drums.  They will not sag or get soggy, and will still be sellable even after inclement weather. This is positive news for retailers and manufacturers as packaging that is weather-resistant increases merchandising options, and decreases the risk of damaged product.

In times of flooding and spillage polypropylene bags

have more often than not been the

go to salvage product of choice.

The larger bags or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC’s) also known as bulk bags have been extensively adopted by the agricultural and manufacturing industries, most commonly used to hold animal feed, sand, produce, grain, minerals, chemicals, aluminium, manganese, fertilizers, cement, coffee, sugar, flour, rice, tobacco and plastics. Uses have also been found in the Logistics, Shipping and Warehousing Sectors.The popularity of FIBC’s is that they do not require specialised handling equipment and can be handled using standard forklifts, pallet trucks or cranes.
Advantages of polypropylene bags:

  • Each FIBC can carry up to 1000 times its own weight.
  • Efficient use of space
  • Cost effective with a low unit cost
  • Strong, flexible and simple to use
  • Variety of dimensions available
  • Variety of filling, discharging and lifting facilities
  • Most large FIBC have integral lifting loops, eliminating the need for pallets.

When filled with most products, FIBC’s can be stacked in a warehouse 2 or 3 high. The stability and height of the stack is dependent on the product being transported, together with the handling equipment available. It may be preferable to stack ‘pyramid’ style depending on the stability of the product itself. It is recommended that the height does not exceed twice the width of the bag to assist stability.

Over 50 million FIBC’s are sold in Europe and Asia every year to a wide range of industries. The strength and long life span of the bag allows for recycling thereby reducing the carbon footprint on the earth. This definitely makes sense for the future of our planet.

2 : Hessian /Jute Cloth and Bags

Silbert & Company also supply industries with bags made from Hessian and Jute as well as rolls of Hessian and Jute fabric in various industry specific widths. Hessian cloth (or just ‘hessian’) is often used to make sacks and bags for industrial purposes. Its breathability makes it suitable for carrying foodstuffs (coffee beans) as it is less prone to condensation and associated spoilage of the contents than other materials and also durable enough to withstand rough handling in transit. It has found a use as a wet covering to prevent rapid moisture loss in setting of cement and concrete in the construction industry, and the landscaping and horticultural industries for ground stabilisation due to its biodegradability.  When more advanced technologies emerged Jute Fibre was spun into better quality yarn and woven to make Jute cloth. It is used predominantly for the manufacture of traditional products such as Hessian cloth, sacks, carpet backing and other floor covering materials. Jute can also be used for composites, geotextiles, paper pulp, and decorative materials.

3 : Leno Mesh Bags (Seed Potato Pockets)
We supply Leno Mesh Bags that feature an open weaved polypropylene finish, which allows air circulation around the product that is packed in the bag. The bags have a drawstring ribbon top for easy closure and are widely used for meeting the packaging demands of products like seed potatoes, onions, cabbage and citrus fruits. Providing proper ventilation, the use of these bags ensure the products placed inside remain fresh for a longer period of time. The bags are available in a wide range of colours.Contact our sales staff for sampling and special sizing.